4/15 High-A Minor League Baseball


Timmy Smith’s 5-5 day and even Buster Posey’s 3-3 day that included a HR, double, three runs and two RBI were not enough to win top player honors.  Juan Ramirez surrendered just one hit over 5.1 innings and Alexander Torres did the same in five innings while striking out seven, but even those performances were not enough to out do teammates Jonathan Gaston and Brian Pellegrini who combined to hit six HR, nine RBI and score six runs.

California League Players of the Day Jon Gaston & Brian Pellegrini



Other Notable Performances:

  • Brian Rike—2-4 2B RBI R
  • Radamez Nazario—3-3 2B R BB
  • Carlos Hernandez—6 IP 5H ER BB 3K
  • Tyson Gillies—2-4 2R 2B BB SB(2)
  • Alex Liddi—3-4 2 2B 3B 2R
  • James McOwen—1-4 HR(1) 2 RBI BB
  • Juan Ramirez—5.1 IP H 3 BB K W(2)
  • Jeremy Hefner—5 IP 6h 3 ER 9K L(2)
  • Timmy Smith—5-5 2B 2R RBI SB(2)
  • Ian Gac—2-5 2B 2R RBI
  • Matt Lawson—3-5 HR(2) RBI
  • Angel Villalona—2-4 2B 2R RBI
  • Brandon Crawford—1-3 2 BB 2 SB(2)
  • Buster Posey—3-3 HR(3) 2 RBI 2B 3R 2 BB SB(1)
  • Conor Gillespie—1-3 R 2 BB
  • Eduardo Perez—3-4 2B R
  • Trayvon Robinson—2-5 2B
  • Kenly Jansen—2-4 R
  • Garett Green—2-3 RBI
  • Jonathan Gaston—4-5 3 HR(4) 5 RBI 3R
  • Brian Pellegrini—3-5 3 HR(5) 4 RBI 3R
  • Eric Taylor—3-4 2B 3 RBI SB(1)
  • Jason Castro—2-5 2R 3B RBI
  • Jose Duran—5 IP 9H ER 2 BB 3K W(1)
  • Ed Easley—1-3 2B 2R 2 BB
  • Matthew Sweeney—2-3 2B RBI R BB
  • Andrew Romine—1-4 R SB(3)
  •  Jeremy Moore—2-4 2B
  • Alexander Torres—5 IP H 2 BB 7K



Logan Schafer had a nice double header, combining for four hits, a HR and three RBI.  Matt Rizzotti drove in four with two runs scored and Deolis Guerra threw a scorless five inning start.  The hands down player of the day in the FSL is none other than Phillies RHP Kyle Drabek who surrendered four hits over seven scoreless innings striking out nine for his second win of the season.  Drabek is rocketing along his comeback trail and is quickly becoming the top prospect Philly thought he would be.

Florida State League Player of the Day—KYLE DRABEK


Other Notable Performances:

  • Jesus Montero—1-3 2B R
  • Matt Cusick—1-2 2 RBI BB R
  • Logan Schafer—2-3 RBI SB(1) (Gm 1)…2-4 HR(1) 2 RBI R (Gm 2)
  • Lee Haydel—1-3 2B R
  • Zelous Wheeler—1-3 RBI R
  • Steffan Wilson—2-3 R
  • Ryan Zink—5 IP 4H ER 3K W(1)
  • Caleb Gindl—2-3 3B
  • Cole Gillespie—1-3 2B R
  • Brent Brewer—2-3 R RBI
  • Kyle Drabek—7 IP 4H 9K W(2)
  • Dominic Brown—2-5 2B R
  • Matt Rizzotti—2-2 2B 4 RBI 2R
  • Derrick Mitchell—2-4 HR(1) RBI 2R
  • Freddy Galvis—2-4 2R RBI BB
  • Tim Kennelly—2-4 R RBI
  • Michael Stanton—2-4
  • Matt Dominguez—1-3 2B
  • Rene Leveret—3-3 2B RBI R
  • Deolis Guerra—5 IP 3H BB 4K W(1)
  • Ben Revere—1-3 R SB(2)
  • Carlos Gutierrez—5 IP 4H ER 3K
  • Ike Davis—3-4 2B RBI R
  • Brad Holt—6 IP 4H BB 7K W(1)
  • Alex Cobb—5.2 IP 6H 2 UER BB 4K L(1)
  • Eric Thames—1-4 2B R RBI
  • Kevin Ahrens—1-4 2B RBI
  • Tim Collins—3 IP 0H 6K W(1)
  • Alex Buchholz—2-4 2 2B R
  • Pete Kozma—2-3 2B 2R 2 RBI BB SB(1)
  • Curt Smith—1-3 3B RBI BB
  • Lance Lynn—4 IP 2H 2 BB 3K



Mike Moustakas’ bat is starting to heat up and Christian Marrero, Brent Morel, Jeff Bianchi, Billy Rowell, and Jordy Mercer all hit their first HR’s yesterday.  Danny Duffy continues to look like a dominant LHP, tossing five shutout innings with six K’s and Red Sox prospects Jason Place and Luis Exposito combined to drive in and score four runs.  It was teammate Ryan Kalish who takes home top player honors, though, with his first HR, two RBI and four runs scored.

Carolina League Player of the Day—RYAN KALISH


Other Notable Performances:

  • Christian Marrero—2-4 HR(1) RBI
  • Brent Morel—1-4 HR(1) RBI
  • Jordy Mercer—1-4 HR(1) 3 RBI
  • Jose De Los Santos—1-3 3R BB SB(5)
  • Daniel Hague—2-4 2B RBI
  • Pedro Alvarez—1-3 RBI
  • Mike Moustakas—2-5 2R 2 RBI
  • Derrick Robinson—1-3 R BB SB(5)
  • Jeff Bianchi—2-5 HR(1) 3 RBI 2B
  • Clint Robinson—2-4 RBI
  • Lonnie Chisenhall—2-4 RBI
  • Matt Brown—2-3 BB SB(1)
  • Daniel Duffy—5 IP 3H BB 6K W(1)
  • Billy Rowell—1-2 HR(1) RBI 2 BB
  • Tyler Henson—1-3 2B RBI BB
  • Pedro Florimon Jr.—1-4 2B 2R BB
  • Jeff Locke—4 IP 2H 2 ER 3 BB 6K
  • Ryan Kalish—2-3 HR(1) 2 RBI 4R 2 BB
  • Jason Place—3-5 2B 2 RBI 3R
  • Luis Exposito—2-5 2B R 3 RBI
  • Michael Jones 3-5 3 RBI


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