1 1/2 Years Later

I’ve received a few nice notes of encouragement over the past couple of weeks from old friends of the blog as well a new reader or two that stumbled upon PPR by means of the Googlesphere.  Frankly, I am still surprised and flattered to hear from people that continue to enjoy the content within the blog’s archives.  It is the kind words from others that bring me back to this blog template at 4 AM to knock the rust off of my prospecting bones and once again share with you the joy of prospecting and collecting baseball cards.

Whether you’re an old friend or new acquaintance, drop a line and say howdy as we enjoy this new journey together.


About Jeremy

I live in the Pacific Northwest with my wife Amber and 9 year old son Derek. While I am passionate about sports and sports cards, I also love to spend time playing in the outdoors with family and friends. I am always eager to get to know more about other collectors and aspiring speculators in this World Wide community. Don't hesitate to say hello and tell me a little about yourself! Thanks for checking out my blog and happy prospecting! Jeremy
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